Whether you’re in the market for rich, heavy blackout lined curtains or soft flowing sheers, great curtains can make a room feel very inviting, defining the interior design of a room. Curtains can act as room dividers as well as covering your windows.

Sheer curtains add softness to an area and can bring a sense of relaxation to the space. Whilst being practical, sheers are aesthetically pleasing as they create privacy, allowing natural light to filter through and their contemporary look is an extremely popular choice in the current market.

Sheer curtains don’t need to be on their own - add a room darkening lining and second track behind a sheer curtain for that pitch black bedroom and to provide insulation for the home, trapping the heat in during winter and blocking out the hot weather in summer.

The combination of sheer curtains and blockout roller blinds (behind) provides the functionality for complete control over the room’s natural light & privacy. Opting for a blockout fabric in a roller blind provides room darkening, privacy and insulation.

Heavy curtains (fabrics with an attached block out lining) provide ultimate light blockage, privacy and they can also reduce outside noise levels, all of which bring unsurpassed insulation performance.

There is a vast selection of curtain heading styles but the most popular is our S-Fold heading. This style creates a sleek and contemporary look. Draping with a smooth continuous wave effect which stacks back neatly letting more light in and have less obstruction to views compared to other heading styles.

Operation of curtains is by remote control for motorised curtain tracks, or alternatively wand or cord drawn for manual control.

To view available curtain fabrics, please visit the Venus website.

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